What is this?

BlueCode. That's the name of the algorithm we've discovered. This particular algorithm is used by most companies to generate unique keys for their pre-paid game cards, gift cards and more. The algorithm is based on several scientific formulas which all partake in creating a unique series of characters that ultimately form a key.

After months, we have now successfully implemented it into this online key generator. It is now possible for you to generate a pre-activated, genuine key that can be used for any service out there, whether it's for a game, website, anything - as long as it's based on the BlueCode algorithm.

[August 2013] BlueCode is now valid for use in over 50,000 games and applications.

How does it work?

1. Click the button below to proceed to our generation page.

2. Enter the authorisation server and the key's pattern.

3. Press the generate-button to start generating the key.

4. After the process is completed, you can choose from one of the download options.

Direct download allows you to instantly download the key, but it has a strict download limit. The basic download requires you to complete a simple survey before downloading the key, which helps fund our servers.

Generate your key